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We hope you enjoy our new podcast, featuring leaders in business and tech sharing the stories behind their success, their tips for others, and their thoughts on current and future technology!  We welcome a wide range of guests, whether from small businesses or large enterprises, in order to present a variety of topics for discussion, touching on all areas of business and technology mixed in with current events, city reviews, fishing stories (hence the casting!), and personal anecdotes!

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In this podcast, Opex Technologies welcomes guests from Hosting.com! Bill Santos, President, and Brandon Ivey, Director of Strategic Alliances, join us to discuss Hosting.com, a data hosting business known for excellent customer service, evident by their high Net Promoter Score. As they tell us about their AWS and Azure practice, their acquisition of Stelligent, and the importance of DevOps related to AWS, we also explore various other topics, such as Hybrid Cloud, autonomous driving, their hometown, Denver, CO, and advice for students going into technology.

Find more information about Hosting.com at:www.hosting.com/

Today’s podcast features Mike Charobee, who is running our new branch in Charlotte, NC. We discuss Mike’s background in technology, from telecom to cloud, why he started Byllantyne IT Professionals Group, and his general experiences in Charlotte. We also touch on various areas of technology, such as SD-WAN, IaaS 2.0, Internet of Things, and Security.

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