Since 2004, Opex Technologies has been representing companies during critical technology decisions, delivering greater efficiency, accountability and value. Technology representation shifts the way solutions are evaluated, negotiated, and implemented by working along side you the client while looking out for your best interests with the provider.

Most companies turn to an experienced advisor for professional representation with real estate transactions, commercial or health insurance, financial investments or audits, and legal contracts or hearings, to name a few. What about for technology? Opex Technologies is your trusted advisor for Operating Expense (OpEx) technology solutions. We have helped research, negotiate and implement over $100 Million dollars worth of technology solutions and have helped over 750 clients leverage decades of industry experience to find OpEx solutions that are relevant, strategic and the engine of growth and greatness for your company.

Benefits of technology representation include:

  • Allow you to focus on your overall business core competencies and your teams strategic job functions
  • Simplify IT procurement, implementation and support
  • Tap into a knowledge base during your contract negotiations that has over 50 + combined years of experience negotiating technology contracts
  • Find new efficiencies, reduce capital expenditures and lower operating expenses
  • Save time and resources through leveraging our established connections with more then 80 industry-leading Network, Cloud and as a Service providers that are the right fit for your business
  • Cut through the provider’s sales and marketing clutter and help you get to the facts of what the solution will actually deliver
  • Tap into a vast network of clients, references and a database of global data centers, lit buildings, and provider fact sheets
  • Remain provider neutral and offer unbiased recommendations on providers and their solutions
  • Speed up contract negotiations and procurement process
  • Guarantee you are receiving best-in-class pricing
  • Personalized ongoing Account Management for the term of the agreement
  • Project Management resources work closely with you and the provider to ensure seamless implementation
  • Create and manage full account summaries, service details and escalation processes per solution and provider
  • Support resources to help escalate and resolve trouble tickets and billing errors
  • Guarantee provider contract compliance
  • Deliver provider accountability that is hard to achieve when working with a provider for the first time

Opex Technologies Representation services are no cost to the client so the ROI and value to you is unmatched. Contact us today to get started with a technology representation project.

Can you identify the right network, cloud, and as a service solution for
your business from the hundreds of options out there?

Opex Technologies can.

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