After the audit is complete the work doesn’t end there because we review all invoices for 12 months to insure continued bill accuracy and continuous asset awareness. Opex Technologies and Profit Advisory Group stay engaged and ensure approved audit recommendations are turnkey solutions implemented by our teams on your terms.

Although the manual verification of Expense Management oversight is always available, Technology Expense Management (TEM) software has become an essential discipline for clients interested in protecting top line revenue and preserving bottom line profits long-term. In essence, TEM is a phase 3 long-term software solution for many clients after the initial phase 1 audit and phase 2 manual expense management processes have been completed.

TEM is a purpose built cloud platform that manages all recurring inventory, invoices and contracts while insuring billing accuracy. TEM acts as a modular solution to match client needs and maximize cost reduction in real time all while integrating your providers, partners and contracts. The goal is to empower you to eliminate wasteful spending while still meeting the demands of your organization.

TEM features include:

  • Automates hundreds of complex management processes so that management, administrators and service desks can manage the full lifecycle with ease
  • Combines proprietary software, financial and engineering analysis, and deep domain expertise to help your business eliminate overbilling and achieve a “right-sized” infrastructure
  • A continuously updated inventory of all telecom assetswith unparalleled detail from location and USOC-level cost data to logical groups that link services to assets
  • Configurable role-based access to all inventory and expense data with single sign-on support
  • Built-in invoice processing work flow that manages approvals, disputes, payments
  • A full set of dashboards and reporting tools to analyze and share data across the enterprise
  • Automates accounts payable process for cost assignment within an organization, to sites, departments, or individuals via AP feed integration
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • The Opex Technologies and PAG teams stay engaged and help you implement and manage the TEM solution

Opex Technologies Expense Management services combines managed services with cloud-based software focused on delivering better accountability and long-term ROI. Contact us today to learn more about technology expense management solutions.

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