The Opex Technologies team has years of experience consulting on custom projects that are just that: custom to our clients needs. We know we are adding value when a client calls and says

“Hey I don’t know if you do this, but I need help with ______________________. Can you help?”

Many times blank turn’s into a custom project!

Technology can be complicated and ensuring you have the right strategy is not only the first decision, but many times the most important decision of all. Opex Technologies unbiased role in the marketplace allows us to have a view into many different verticals, clients, challenges, solutions, providers, costs, contracts and projects, which help our clients engage the Opex Technologies team to act as an extension of your team and get the “custom” project job done quickly and right.

Custom Project experience includes:
  • Fully managed RFI’s
  • Fully managed RFP’s
  • Cloud strategy and assessments
  • Network strategy and assessments
  • Architecture design
  • Project management of new solution implementations
  • Contract reviews
  • Security assessments

Opex Technologies Custom Project services save time, money and resources and ensure the right long-term strategy is in place. Contact us today to get started with a Custom Project.

Can you identify the right network, cloud, and as a service solution for
your business from the hundreds of options out there?

Opex Technologies can.

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