The Opex Technologies audit practice is a joint partnership with Profit Advisory Group and together we level the playing field and deliver the best value possible. We know the plays in the provider’s playbook, the best in class price points, which fees can be waived or discounted, and understand the confusing terms and conditions.

The Opex and PAG partnership brings 50+ years of experience, $2 Billion Audited, $200+ Million saved to date, in 50+ countries with a 95% customer retention rate that becomes a natural extension of your team.

Benefits of technology audits include:

Proven three phase process:

1. Credit Identification

2. Waste Elimination

3. Purchase Maximization


  • Managed service that includes service optimization, full inventory of services, developing a contract strategy, creating procurement policies, reviewing current technologies, and researching who are the right providers at what costs.
  • All audit work is performed off site to minimize intrusiveness and maximize analytic scrubbing
  • Savings can be realized within one month
  • All recommendations are no obligations and all fees are performance based when savings are in place
  • Our teams collaborate with your teams as transparent cultural extensions

Opex and PAG has the ability and expertise to look holistically at many technology solutions including:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Internet Access
  • Mobility
  • Conferencing
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Center / Colocation
  • Managed Hosting
  • as a Service Licenses
  • Software Licenses
  • Hardware Licenses & Maintenance Contracts

Opex Technologies Audit services has a proven track record of results, working to turn our knowledge into your profit. Contact us today to get started with a technology audit.

Can you identify the right network, cloud, and as a service solution for
your business from the hundreds of options out there?

Opex Technologies can.

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