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Talking the QTS Shift and Public Cloud with David McCall

We’re excited to have Dave McCall, Director of Technology Office at QTS Data Centers, on this episode of Tech-Casting with Opex! Tune in for this interesting and hilarious conversation on the shift that QTS is making, software-defined data centers, the focus on digitizing, and much more!





Candid Industry Insight With Drew Lydecker from Avant

In this episode of Tech-Casting with Opex, we welcome Drew Lydecker, Co-Founder and President at Avant. We discuss trends in technology that we’ve seen, the different types of advisors and cloud clients, and much more. Tune in to this great conversation that no one in the industry will want to miss!


Getting to Know The Opex Team: Chris Mospan, Managing Partner

Meet Chris Mospan, Managing Partner here at Opex Technologies!

Chris has been with us for ten years and in this episode, he discusses his role in the company and what the experience has been like for him, including comments on his own hobbies and the Opex culture!




Colocation: Getting Out of the Data Center and into AWS

This week, we are hosting our annual Education Series Event at The Ingram Porsche Collection. This event will include a panel discussion led by the top managed Hyper-Scaler Service Providers. The discussion will be geared towards the latest best practices and trends with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. We are excited to have Rackspace […]

The New Era of Software Defined IT: Where We’re Headed Next

What is Software Defined IT? A new IT architecture has emerged that encompasses SaaS, SDN, hyper-scale cloud computing, and the consumerization of IT. Taken together, we call this architectural approach SDIT. This guest blog from our partners at Masergy helps explain this new concept in the world of IT. Software defined IT empowers enterprises to […]

Role of Enterprise Business Collaboration Tools & Unified Communications

Unified communications are becoming increasingly crucial to a productive workplace environment. This week's blog comes from Evolve IP on the importance and benefit of implementing unified communications for a business.

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