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We take what is a very complex, time consuming technology search process and simplify it. We’ve helped over 800 clients through our research of 10,000+ solutions.


Opex awarded Top Sales Performance by a Trusted Advisor at Avant’s 2019 Special Forces Summit

Last month the Opex Technologies Executive Team had the privilege of attending Avant's 2019 Special Forces Summit, a conference dedicated to sales strategies, tactics, and tools that aim to help partners become true trusted technology advisors. The event provided a lot of value with great content, speakers, learning opportunities, and networking a 10 year anniversary party that was one for the ages! 
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Opex Technologies announces Ben Thornton as CTO

Opex Technologies is thrilled to congratulate Ben Thornton on his recent promotion from VP of Technology to CTO. Since joining Opex in 2017, Ben has grown his experience in IT and has become an integral member of the Opex team. "It’s been fantastic to bring my experience as a client and engineer to the Opex team and pair it with the wealth of experience that Opex has from the provider space."-Ben Thornton, CTO Opex Technologies

Talkdesk’s 5 Must-Haves for the 2019 Call Center

Technology providers are constantly working to stay on the front lines of the changes and advancements in technology so that they can provide businesses with the most up to date and newest solutions. Our partners at Talkdesk shared their five "must-haves" for the 2019 call center as AI continues to transform technology, and a new generation of agents adapt to contact centers. Read below to find out more about the benefits of CCaaS and how Talkdesk is finding ways to develop their CCaaS solutions to keep up with the latest shifts and trends. 

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Talking the QTS Shift and Public Cloud with David McCall

We’re excited to have Dave McCall, Director of Technology Office at QTS Data Centers, on this episode of Tech-Casting with Opex! Tune in for this interesting and hilarious conversation on the shift that QTS is making, software-defined data centers, the focus on digitizing, and much more!





Candid Industry Insight With Drew Lydecker from Avant

In this episode of Tech-Casting with Opex, we welcome Drew Lydecker, Co-Founder and President at Avant. We discuss trends in technology that we’ve seen, the different types of advisors and cloud clients, and much more. Tune in to this great conversation that no one in the industry will want to miss!


Getting to Know The Opex Team: Chris Mospan, Managing Partner

Meet Chris Mospan, Managing Partner here at Opex Technologies!

Chris has been with us for ten years and in this episode, he discusses his role in the company and what the experience has been like for him, including comments on his own hobbies and the Opex culture!



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