Our original company, DigiTel Services, was founded over a decade ago to help companies assess, procure, implement and manage Network and Communications solutions, and has proudly advised on over 5000 network solutions in order to help companies make the right decision. Whether you need a complete overhaul of your network, making your newly migrated public cloud environment another node off your network, or a simple voice and data solution to improve communication amongst employees and customers, Opex Technologies has a unique holistic approach that looks at all facets of technology.

Popular Network, Connectivity and Communication solutions include:

Direct Connect

Is your company using AWS, Azure or Office 365? If yes then a direct connect offers your company a private network ecosystem with leading cloud and data center providers around the world. A direct connect can improve application performance as well as security and scalability. More and more companies are pushing mission-critical applications – email, CRM, Big Data, Security, IT Development, etc. – to the cloud and your connection must be fast, secure and available 24×7. Extend your cloud easily to anywhere on the globe with a dedicated direct connect.

Software Defined Network

IS SD-WAN the network technology of the future? With IT now being dominated by cloud and as a Service solutions, companies are moving off legacy network technologies and onto Software Defined Network Platforms or as some are calling it: Network as a Service. SD-WAN accelerates IT transformation and provides an open, automated and programmable network platform. Imagine real-time analytics and control, advanced threat management, mobile interfaces, global unified communications, high performance, guaranteed application performance, and scalability on demand all built in a Global agile OpEx cost model. All this is available with six layers of always-available QoS.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

How does MPLS serve businesses? MPLS Solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable transport of critical applications across a unified regional, national or global platform. MPLS allows businesses to have the network security previously only found in Private Line or Frame Relays, and the flexibility of an IP VPN. It is now possible to design and implement a secure network with any to any connectivity, 20%-40% less than fully meshed legacy frame or private line networks. MPLS is a private network, which allows for Class of Service prioritization of Data on the network.


Ethernet Connectivity Available from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. Ethernet services provide a simple, cost effective solution to private network interconnectivity as well as high speed Internet access. For businesses with multiple locations in and between metropolitan areas, you can achieve point to point or any to any connectivity or a mixture of both. Ethernet service eliminates the need for ongoing configuration and management of additional equipment. Now you can enjoy the benefits of broadband LAN Interconnection without the added expense. Ethernet service delivers superior dedicated capacity and service for both your private network and your public IP connections at a reduced cost by eliminating the need to purchase or manage a router.

Dedicated Internet Solution

Which Internet Solution Is Right For Your Business? Whether it is a Dedicated Internet T1 (1.5Mbps), a DS-3 (45Mbps), or somewhere in between with Managed Routers, Dedicated Internet offer flexible solutions that scale quickly have reliable SLA’s, and can be fully managed all at very affordable rates. 

Point to Point

When Multi-Locations matters to your business! Today’s business applications demand low latency, high availability connectivity, which is why dedicated connectivity between two locations or a point to multi-point locations is still important. Point-to-Point provides basic layer two framing for IP is simple, cost effective and easy to manage.

PRI & Local Services

Are you leveraging better local phone discounts? Many national and regional carriers have the ability to offer local phone service. No longer will you have to rely solely on the RBOC to provide local service. This offering allows companies to create greater efficiencies and cost savings, by having both their local and long distance with the same carrier. Companies can take advantage of consolidated billing as well as lower per minute long distance rates. Local T1’s and PRI’s can support simultaneous local and long distance calls, caller ID, and DID functionality over a T1.


Reduce costs for voice services! Businesses today are always looking for ways to create efficiencies and reduce overhead. Whether you have a single office location or multiple locations, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) can be a great way to achieve these goals. By implementing a SIP solution, you can reduce the need for voice channels that are rarely used. When you migrate to a SIP environment one of the key benefits is creating synergies by pooling voice capacity for multiple locations. No longer will you need to have PRI’s or POTS service at every location, which can often be a huge cost and an extremely inefficient use of resources. By centralizing your core voice infrastructure and subscribing to an enterprise wide SIP model, a business can cut their existing voice infrastructure by 50% and possibly more compared to traditional local service providers.


Is Your Business Taking Advantage of the Mobile Revolution? Businesses across the country are relying more and more on mobile devices to ensure the success and longevity of their enterprise. Leveraging mobility solutions is becoming a requirement for many businesses to help them increase the efficiency and productivity of their entire workforce.

Opex Technologies views mobility as a critical asset for driving revenues and creating a competitive advantage.  By leveraging wireless infrastructure via PDA’s, Tablets or any other device your business can be transformed, so that your users, processes, and assets are always connected to your corporate environment. Mobile can also be a drain on resources so it is important to consider operation costs, enable anywhere access to corporate infrastructure, create workflow efficiencies, manage monthly expenses and utilize mobile inventory management software.


Collaboration in today’s digital economy is key to success! Collaboration allows your business to increase productivity, profitability, and customer service to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Whether leveraging Audio, Video or Web conferencing solutions your clients, staff and executives can conduct sales demos, trainings, and board meetings without having to leave the office. Save your business thousands of dollars monthly or annually by deploying the latest in collaboration technology. Audio, Video and Web conferencing solutions can get confusing so let Opex Technologies help you research the right and most affordable platform for your business.

Opex Technologies knows how important the right network solution can be to ensuring the overall success of your business, employees, applications and customers. Contact us today to get started researching the Network solution that makes the most sense for your business.

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