Here is a fact – Email is critical to your business! That is because 28% of your workday is spent answering and reading emails. Email is one of your businesses most critical applications and it is very important that your email is the most reliable, secure, efficient, innovative and cost effective form of communication. Like many things in technology not all email platforms and providers are created equal so it is important you choose wisely.

Office 365

Why is Office 365 so popular? In today’s fast paced, on the go business world Office 365 works anywhere, anytime, and on any device so it is available when and where you need it. Office 365 is the must have cloud application for businesses of all sizes. Office 365 allows you to better connect with essential communication tools like email, IM, social networking and audio/video conferencing. With unlimited online meetings, IM and HD video conferencing, and 1TB of file storage per user, Office 365 reduces IT costs with a very attractive pay as you go for active users model.

Google Apps

Is Google Apps a good platform for business? Businesses implement Google Apps in order to do business anywhere, anytime, and on any device, so it is available when and where you need it. Users can easily share files from anywhere with clients and colleagues to ensure the communication never has to stop. There is no burden of administration for your IT resources with fully managed initial setup and ongoing services. Google Apps allows you to move from the CapEx model to a OpEx model with instant elasticity and scalability. Google Apps is a turnkey solution that is enhanced with provider 24×7 support and white glove service.

Hosted Exchange

Why shift to Hosted Exchange? You no longer need your email server on site, consuming resources, time and money. With Hosted Exchange, you can cut out many of the mundane tasks around managing email and focus on your core business competencies. Hosted Exchange is a version of Microsoft Exchange that is delivered and accessed from a remote server or through a cloud email solution provider. Hosted Exchange allows all Exchange tools to be stored, integrated and backed up remotely, has a direct push to sync across mobile devices, and ensures data is secure through enterprise-grade encryption.

Email Continuity

Are you ready to ensure 100% email uptime? Email is the most important form of communication in today’s business world, and having your most valuable and time sensitive information sent is critical. Email Continuity is an always-on feature that can reduce your recovery time to as close to zero as possible which allows you to send, reply, and forward emails in the event of an outage. Users also have total access to contacts, calendars, distribution lists, addresses and past emails. Whether it is Office 365, Hosted Exchange or on-premise Exchange, wrap around email continuity services so your email is never down.

Email Archiving

Why is Email Archiving important? Email archiving is crucial due to the important and time sensitive information that travels through your email. Your business could also face hefty fines if your records are not meeting the laws set into place for ethical and privacy standards enforced by regulatory agencies. A cloud email archive solution will help protect your intellectual assets and provide documentation in the event of any regulatory or legal inquiries. Cloud email archiving saves time and resources in creating and organizing your own internal archive while also guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Lync Archiving

Are you archiving your Lync IM? Don’t forget that a lot of your company’s most important conversations today happen over IM so archiving Lync is very important and newly available to businesses. Archiving Lync IM helps protect important IM conversations, strengthens compliance and keeps a secure, indexed, and unified archive across email and IM.

Email Security

Your Email is under attack! Unfortunately your company and employees are targets for intense email attacks designed to cause great harm to your business. 91% of hacking attacks begin with phishing. Targeted Threat Protection defense against malicious links in email and destructive attachments are two of the most common threats seen today. Real-time scanning and blocking prevents employees from unknowingly putting your company at risk. Other critical email security solutions include Spam and Multi-Layered Malware Protection, Secure Messaging and Encryption, Data Leak Prevention and Secure Large File Sharing.

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