Why use a Data Center Provider?

Regardless of the size of your business or the market you serve, partnering with a reliable and trusted data center provider is a wise business decision. A data center is a hardened facility used to house technology hardware infrastructure and systems. All data centers are not created equal though, so, it is important to understand the differences in quality, redundancies, space and power offerings, and managed services availability in the data center.


Why would your business want to build your own data center? Colocation is attractive to businesses that don’t have the time, space, budget or expertise to build their own internal data center. You may also want to reduce and predict infrastructure and management costs by optimizing the significant scale colocation facilities offer. Another benefit is that in in today’s world of rapid cloud adoption, your business can take advantage of hybrid cloud models that offer the most flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions to maximize return on the hardware you already own with the scale that cloud solutions offer. Opex Technologies has relationships with Global industry-leading colocation providers and knows all the space, power and network options to ensure that you make the right decision for your business at the most competitive rates.

Wholesale Colocation

When is wholesale colocation a better option? Large data center users many times have the need for more security, scalability and freedom to truly create your own data center within a larger data center. Wholesale colocation allows companies to take advantage of fully secured large footprints, dedicated secure access, flexible power, cooling, billing, cabling options both overhead and underneath, large contiguous expansion, and true neutrality when it comes to vendors and network carriers. Many of the wholesale data center providers have direct-connect access to the hyper-scale cloud providers so you can still combine colocation with cloud for a seamless hybrid cloud environment. 

Data Center Migration

Are you moving your data center? By working with the right technology infrastructure migration partner, you can be confident in moving your IT assets and ensure delivery of your resources on time, on budget and securely. Opex Technologies has found that leveraging migration consultants allows for a seamless transition for our clients while migrating your production or secondary IT environments. We can provide proposals for migration services, which will include cabinet elevations, IT Asset tracking documentation, cable management recommendations, secure transportation, and logistics management.

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