A recent article in Techcrunch.com noted, “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.”

Here’s what we believe: OpEx is today. CapEx is yesterday. The “as a Service” economy has arrived and nowhere is that more present than with technology solutions. The most popular as a Service solutions we advise our clients on include:

Infrastructure (IaaS)

Are you tired of buying and managing hardware? IaaS allows you to relinquish the networking, server and storage hardware and licensing responsibilities so you can focus on your applications and data, saving money on upfront and on-going hardware and licensing costs.

Desktop (DaaS)

Is there a better way to purchase and manage desktop computers? DaaS is the delivery of a virtual desktop (VDI) by a provider out of a secure data center. DaaS allows a business to deliver a high performing desktop to a user on any device in a matter of minutes reducing desktop costs, delivering more reliable security and easing IT management.

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Is your business prepared for a minor or even major disaster? DRaaS allows your business to recover quickly from the unforeseen disasters that can severely hamper or worse, close a business if not prepared. DRaaS is a cloud-computing model that protects applications and data from disruption (power loss, natural disasters, human error, hardware failures, etc). DRaaS minimizes downtime and disruptions to customers and employees.

Backup (BaaS)

Do you know that your businesses data is backed up? Unfortunately, lost files, data and hardware failures can bring your business to its knees, or even worse, put you out of business. Luckily, today’s backup solutions are easy to deploy, scalable and cost effective, so there is no reason why business’s of all sizes should not have a reliable backup strategy in place. 

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

Are you ready to change how your company communicates? UCaaS streamlines communications and enhances employee productivity by unifying the most popular communication tools including IM, voice, messaging, video, desktop sharing and conferencing. UCaaS eliminates the need for on-premise infrastructure so your business can focus on faster and improved collaboration with customers and employees.


Does your business need a CIO or CTO but doesn’t have the budget? Through long standing CIO and CTO relationships, Opex Technologies has the ability to help companies utilize a senior consulting team made up of former CIO’s, CTO’s, VP of Technology, and Senior Director of Security and Infrastructure in both the public and private sector in a fractional model. The cost of hiring one of these seasoned leadership positions can be cost prohibitive for many small and mid-sized businesses but the fractional model allows your company to benefit what comes with the experience of a CIO or CTO setting and executing technology strategy.

Storage (STaaS)

Are you concerned with how your business will keep up with growing storage demands? It is no secret that the rise in data means the need for increased storage capacity. Storage as a Service allows for your business to increase storage on demand and pay a set price per GB. Whether it be standard or SSD, there are many storage options that are fast, reliable and easy to provision that will fit any business need.


Are you confident your business is fully protected from cyber threats? Security as a Service is one of the fastest growing technology segments because of the many IT security threats that businesses are facing on a daily basis.   Since it is almost impossible for businesses to manage these daily threats on their own, they are turning to trusted security providers who integrate security services into both existing on premise and off premise infrastructure.

Help Desk

Is your support always on? Help Desk as a Service is growing in popularity because it allows your business to address support tickets 24/7/365 and becomes a true extension of your current IT team. Help desk support requests can sink even the best IT teams so many companies turn to a trusted help desk provider who integrate with your current IT policies and procedures to create the most efficient and cost effective support organization. 


Can you match the right database to the right use case? Big data is not just a buzzword anymore because data is everywhere and growing by leaps and bounds every day. Data as a Service is helping companies more effectively manage the wide array of databases on dedicated infrastructure or in the cloud on platforms that are built for performance, scalability and uptime.


Does your company have a proven RFP or RFI strategy? Running an RFP or RFI process can be a daunting task for even the most senior veterans and most companies are only running them for technology solutions once every three or five years. Utilizing a trusted and unbiased resource that does it everyday can ensure better results. New technology evaluations are critical and Opex Technologies has the experience, documentation and proven processes to develop, lead and manage RFP’s and RFI’s for most areas of technology.

Opex Technologies ensures that your business is researching the right as a Service Solutions that are truly adding value to your business. Contact us today to get started researching the right as a Service solution.

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