We are not a telecom provider.

We are not a cloud provider.

In fact we are not a provider at all.

We are Opex Technologies and we want to be
your technology broker and advisor.

Opex Technologies is a hybrid brokerage and advisory firm rolled into one, focused on representing our clients during critical technology solution decisions. Moreover, we partner with over (200) leading Network, Cloud, and as a Service providers to find the right solutions at the right cost structure, with terms and conditions that meet a dynamic business environment. We do this by leveraging decades of industry knowledge and experience; we aim to earn our clients’ trust by delivering technology solutions that are relevant, strategic, and the engine for growth. Following consultation, solution research, negotiation support and provider selection, Opex Technologies continues to add value by assigning a pre-implementation project manager and handling service and billing escalation requests (post implementation).

With infectious ambition and a reputation for seeing things through, our mission is to help our clients find OpEx technology solutions that will serve as the foundation of growth and greatness.

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With a passion for helping clients drive business and increase revenue, Opex Technologies (formerly doing business as DigiTel Services) was founded in 2004 with the goal of becoming the most trusted resource for Network, Cloud and as a Service solutions.

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, near the Research Triangle, we advise companies of all sizes on how to best implement the most effective and affordable Operating Expense technology solutions.

We have provided actionable consultations to over 5000 companies nationwide and have deployed effective and strategic solutions for over 750 clients. While we work with small to medium business as well as large enterprises, we are unique in that we are truly a hybrid brokerage and advisory firm rolled into one. Consider us your technology speedboat that is ready to serve quickly and deliver results.


Before working with Opex Technologies many of our clients had never received technology representation and asked what value it can bring. We are happy to say that we have answered that question for over 750 clients today and this is the value they are experiencing by being represented by Opex Technologies and our four client value pillars compared to working only with the provider directly.


We lead unbiased sourcing initiatives (over 5000 completed to date) of new operating expense technologies, solutions and providers.


We’re tapped into a strategic network of providers, have reviewed thousands of solutions and rely on a deep portfolio of research tools to make informed recommendations.


We ensure seamless implementation (over 750 nationwide clients to date) by the provider of new or upgraded network, cloud and as a Service solutions.


We stay engaged and deliver full account management, services and inventory workbook, as well as service ticket and biller error escalation.

Can you identify the right network, cloud, and as a service solution for
your business from the hundreds of options out there?

Opex Technologies can.

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