This has led to companies deciding to streamline their phone, email, and messaging communications platforms into a single system, a concept known as unified communications. With unified communications, businesses are able to manage their communications needs using a single system.

Unfortunately, unified communications can be complicated and difficult to manage and administer. UCaaS platforms allow you to simplify your unified communications management, especially if you are a small or medium-sized business (SMB) that needs to set up a unified communications system that handles all of your present needs but provides flexibility for future upgrades.

The Benefits of UCaaS Platforms

One of the biggest advantages for SMBs is that service can be deployed rapidly. If you are looking to set up an on-site unified communications system, it can take quite a long time to roll out, especially if structural changes have to be made in the building to install new lines or power supplies.

With UCaaS, your services can be rolled out immediately. No need to engage in building alterations or organize a team of different types of contractors to help install each one of your unified communications methods: UCaaS providers handle all of this for you.

Another big benefit for companies is that it is much better for disaster recovery. If your entire unified communications infrastructure is stored on-site when disaster strikes, it will be a significant challenge for you to recover. On the other hand, using UCaaS means that all of your unified communications systems are held off-site, which protects them from harm because of a disastrous event like a flood or hurricane.

From a financial perspective, UCaaS also provides a great deal of benefit because these solutions are scalable. UCaaS solutions mean that you get to decide exactly what type of resources your company needs: for example, you can choose a set number of phone extensions or instant messaging accounts, depending on the number of people that need to use these platforms. Unlike an on-site solution, it is much easier to scale this number up and down as necessary, which means your unified communications platform can grow as your business does.

The Benefits of the Right UCaaS Broker

Besides rapid deployment and excellent protection from disaster, there is another benefit of choosing UCaaS platforms through a qualified broker: you don’t have to worry about finding the best provider, negotiating terms with them, and making sure that you get the best possible service.

A dependable broker will handle all of these concerns for you, at no additional cost. This is because your broker gets paid by the vendor, not by tacking an additional fee upon the price that you would pay for these services on your own.

By choosing a UCaaS platform, you get the benefit of working with a broker that has experience with multiple platforms for unified communications. These kinds of organizations can help you by giving you detailed analysis on your existing systems and assessing your unified communications needs in ways that you might not be able to, whether from lack of time or lack of experience with unified communications. Choose the right provider of platforms to help you find everything you need to ensure that unified communications system is rapidly deployable, reliable, and cost effective for your company.

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