Now, more than ever, companies need to implement email security against advanced threats. It’s time to ditch the old-fashioned defenses against today’s highly sophisticated threats. Read about how to best protect your email from cyberattacks in this guest blog from our partners at Mimecast.

The latest cyberattacks demand the most up-to-date defenses. Ransomware, impersonation and phishing are all too real, and all organizations must act to protect themselves. But when did you last evaluate your existing defenses against these advanced threats?

Email is the attack vector of choice for nine out of ten attacks, yet many organizations still rely on traditional email gateway defenses designed to stop old-fashioned spam and viruses. Many still use on-premises appliances. While often cost effective, they can leave your organization wide open to advanced attacks as they cannot adequately protect against the more sophisticated and targeted attacks rampant today.

Recent Mimecast analysis shows the enormity of the issue, with thousands of dangerous emails, attachments and links being missed, including a staggering 400% increase in impersonation attacks.

Seeing these attacks come through to employee’s inboxes, some are looking at their options, with cloud solutions leading the way. Gartner sees cloud as the future for email security, with 65% already having chosen cloud-based protection and 95% of new and transitioning buyers choosing cloud solutions . But not all cloud solutions deliver the level of protection needed today – including the single layer of built-in security from Office 365 and Google.

So how do you choose the right one? Low cost solutions may be tempting, but perceived savings could easily be wiped out by a breach. It takes just one click or attachment to let attackers onto your network. Watch this video to find out what to look for.

The right email security and resilience can help prevent your organization being the next breach case study. The professionals at Opex can help you find the right email security options for your company.