The last couple of weeks have changed the ways companies are conducting business and the locations they are working from. Opex Technologies knows that your technology is critical during this time as we adjust the new ways we communicate and collaborate with others. To help support and guide our customers, Opex is sharing a series of blogs, each featuring a valued strategic partner with a helpful solution you can use to navigate this unprecedented world we are living in.

We have a portfolio of providers with solutions that can best serve you and your business and as a technology community, we are ready to come together to support companies of all sizes. This week’s featured provider in our new blog series, “Technology Bringing Us Together”, is 8x8

A Leader in the 2019 Gartner UCaaS and the only UCaaS Leader also in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant, 8x8 provides cloud solutions to help transform the customer and employee experience. A recent blog post of theirs shares how cloud communications keeps businesses running during unexpected disruptions and times of uncertainty.  Read on for business continuity best practices as well as details on 8x8’s offering as a part of our COVID-19 assistance program.


More than 80% of businesses use or plan to use cloud telephony solutions, according to Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting firm. Business readiness and continuity is increasingly one of the reasons why.

We are now hearing from many organizations that suddenly need to establish remote work programs or make changes to the number of phone lines they have so their employees can continue to communicate and collaborate with one another and with customers during business disruptions. They are asking, “How do we keep our business open when our offices are closed?” The cloud was built for moments when the unexpected happens—during good events and bad ones. Bringing the cloud to our customers to help them stay connected through it all is a big part of 8x8’s mission.

The Cloud gives you agility

Business readiness is being prepared to adapt to fast-changing circumstances that impact your organization. Whether a natural disaster occurs, your company makes a large corporate acquisition or a big customer win means you have to open an overseas office ASAP, you need to plan properly so your organization has the tools and resources it needs to scale telecommunications services up or down and enable your people to be productive from anywhere they can get an internet connection. 

How to get started today

Work with your suppliers and trusted advisors to help you develop a business readiness program, which should establish remote work policies and ensure you have the right mix of network bandwidth and application services to meet your needs. It is also important to enable your remote workers with the right tools to work as productively as if they were in the office. Additionally, you want to be ready to onboard new employees to your remote work program quickly. 

Sample questions to ask your Cloud Communications Provider:

  • What if I need to provision 200 phone numbers from 30 countries in 24 hours? Can cloud telephony help me do that?
  • What are some of the security implications of enabling employees to work from home?
  • For my locations, including employee homes, what are the bandwidth requirements needed to deliver a great video conference experience?
  • In a disaster, the continuous availability of our CRM is a top communications requirement. How can we ensure tight integration with our cloud phone service so neither goes down?
  • Following an acquisition, I have to deploy collaboration services to a new set of business units, some of which use 8x8 Virtual Office, Slack and Microsoft Teams. How can I let these people use the services they are used to while maintaining one phone service to administer and manage?

Keeping the phones available, enabling employees to collaborate with chat capabilities, video conferencing and file sharing as well as providing access to applications from anywhere, at any time is now on par with data protection and website availability as components of a solid business readiness checklist.


8x8 COVID-19 Offerings

8x8 offers a FREE video meetings solution to customers located anywhere around the globe. All you need is an internet connection (Hint: use Google Chrome) and you’re ready for a game-changing video meetings experience.

Follow these easy steps to use 8x8 Video Meetings for FREE.

  • Visit vc (use a Chrome browser)
  • Name your meeting
  • Click “Start Meeting” and you’re ready to meet!

To invite others, simply share the custom meeting link or invite participants via contact name or phone number. You can also create a free account by clicking “Sign Up for Free.” Once enrolled, it’s easy to set up team names, team URLs and more. Want to learn more? Visit our video conferencing page on

 For a list of special promotions, subsidies and discounts available for Non-Profit, SLED and K-12 customers, please reach out to a member of the Opex team.