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Early Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) adopters frequently cited the considerable cost and efficiency benefits of cloud communications as one of their primary motivators for adopting the technology. While those benefits certainly remain a strong reason behind the surge in popularity of cloud communications today, more recent adopters have been swayed by another critical benefit.

In particular, more recent adopters say faster access to new cloud communications and collaboration innovations spurred their decisions. Customer research shows that businesses increasingly adopt cloud communications solutions to gain access to advanced features that are often difficult and expensive to deploy and continually maintain on premises. In a 2018 Frost & Sullivan survey of UCaaS users, video calling, web and video conferencing, and team collaboration were considered most important UCaaS features to their businesses by 36%, 34%, 32%, and 28% of respondents, respectively. Also important, pre-integrated cloud applications suites reduce the cost and hassle associated with integrating multi-vendor solutions on premises. In a 2017 Frost & Sullivan study of 1,695 global cloud users, one-third of respondents indicated that they chose cloud solutions for this particular benefit.

Interest in these more dynamic collaboration and communication capabilities reflects the considerable technology advancements of the past two decades. Compared to their plain-vanilla IP Centrex predecessors, contemporary UCaaS solutions deliver a much broader feature set, including: full private branch exchange (PBX) functionality; automated attendant; visual voicemail and voicemail to email; instant messaging and presence; audio, web, and video conferencing; team collaboration; mobility; contact center, and more. UCaaS providers show no sign of slowing down on innovation, as they continue to leverage advanced technologies, such as WebRTC, artificial intelligence, analytics, and more, to further boost the value of UCaaS for customers.

The reasons for the explosive growth of cloud communications and collaboration go beyond pricing and access to innovation, however. Advanced connectivity technologies, such as multi-label protocol switching (MPLS) and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), as well as continued improvements in public broadband services, are enabling better service quality, reliability, and security. In addition, more sophisticated architectural designs, backed by high-quality monitoring tools and more robust security management practices, are also enabling adoption of next-generation IP communications solutions.

By RingCentral Author– Elka Popova