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We take what is a very complex, time consuming technology search process and simplify it. We’ve helped over 800 clients through our research of 10,000+ solutions.


CBTS Explains How Valuable the Network in the Cloud is Now More Than Ever

The cloud has the ability to enable individuals to communicate and collaborate safely during a crisis like we are experiencing now.  Our partners at CBTS wrote a blog about how valuable the cloud really is, read it below. 

The Opex Pathfinder Tool Demo

The Opex Pathfinder is an innovative, intelligent and indispensable technology procurement tool that our team uses to help empower you and your company to make the right decisions for IT solutions and providers. Opex recently hosted a webinar, powered by Avant, where we offered our attendees the opportunity to get an insider look at this powerful tool. The webinar was so valuable, that we have posted the full recording for you to access the deep dive into this IT decision-making tool that has put the insights, intelligence, and experience of Opex at your fingertips. With the Pathfinder, you can assess your needs and map solutions for today. Access market intelligence to plan your roadmap for the future. Compare solution providers and leverage our knowledge to find the right fit for your needs – the first time.

Ntirety Warns Users About Coronavirus Email Scams

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so does the amount of cyber scams that are using health related information about COVID-19 as a scamming method to compromise personal and sensitive information. Chris Riley, CISO of Ntirety, wrote a recent article explaining how individuals can be more conscious about these potential scams!  

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Talking the QTS Shift and Public Cloud with David McCall

We’re excited to have Dave McCall, Director of Technology Office at QTS Data Centers, on this episode of Tech-Casting with Opex! Tune in for this interesting and hilarious conversation on the shift that QTS is making, software-defined data centers, the focus on digitizing, and much more!





Candid Industry Insight With Drew Lydecker from Avant

In this episode of Tech-Casting with Opex, we welcome Drew Lydecker, Co-Founder and President at Avant. We discuss trends in technology that we’ve seen, the different types of advisors and cloud clients, and much more. Tune in to this great conversation that no one in the industry will want to miss!


Getting to Know The Opex Team: Chris Mospan, Managing Partner

Meet Chris Mospan, Managing Partner here at Opex Technologies!

Chris has been with us for ten years and in this episode, he discusses his role in the company and what the experience has been like for him, including comments on his own hobbies and the Opex culture!



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