With recent acquisitions and plans for aggressive growth, Orion needed technology that would increase performance, scalability and lower costs. The group was tasked with transforming technology across all facets of the business to help increase application performance, on-demand scalability, lower costs and free the IT team to focus on more strategic areas of the business. Additionally, Orion wanted an IT cost model that would allow the company to better budget and plan for growth.


Opex performed technical assessments of Orion’s hosting and network architecture and technical and expense audits of existing service providers. After reviewing current technologies, budgets, available resources and plans for growth, Opex and the Orion IT team developed a plan to implement a host of solutions that serve as the foundation for the company’s growth, increasing productivity and allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently.


“Opex worked collaboratively with our team to transform IT and integrate technology and processes to increase our performance and scalability while building a true foundation for strategic growth.”
Brad Hobgood Partner, IT Director Orion Talent


To learn more about how Orion benefits from better support and service, driving 15% savings in technology costs and maintaining 100% continuity guards against outages, download the case study, Opex Technologies helps Orion Talent transform IT into strategic, value-driven role.