Opex Technologies Launches Strategic Leadership as a Service 

This week the Opex Technologies team hosted a webinar (which you can watch now by hitting play above) to kickoff the launch of our newest client offering, Strategic Leadership as a Service (SLaaS). It was hosted by our very own, Abby Labar and joined by panelists Shaune Hatley, VP of  Solutions Engineering at Opex, and two of our top Strategic Leaders, Amy Worley and Mike McTaggart.

The launch of SLaaS in a short amount of time has already been a success. Not only was this webinar filled with great information, knowledge, and answers from our panelists, but we had the chance to share a real life success story on how Strategic Leadership is already having a positive impact on our clients business – https://www.opextechnologies.com/case_study/buhler-case . Here is what Amy and Mike had to say about Opex’s launch of SLaaS:

“It isn’t feasible for a business to maintain full time, in-house, strategic experts for every vital area of business operations and still focus on their core business. That’s why we love this solution so much. Strategic leadership “as a service” allows us to do what we love—provide strategic insight into privacy, information governance and IT compliance—in a manner that makes good business sense for the client.”

Amy Worley, Managing Director, BRG 

“We’ve heard the feedback from our own clients–there is a need for an ‘as-a-service’ solution like Opex has developed.  Having known and trusted the Opex team for years, we’re thrilled to be part of the SLaaS offering and excited to see it grow!”

 Mike McTaggart, President, Global Digital Inc.

The Opex team is focused on serving our clients the best we can and meeting them where they are in their technology transformation journey. SLaaS is not consulting. It is more than just ideas and a roadmap. It is focused on execution and results with proven leaders helping you actually get the project across the finish line and getting that all important win!

“Opex made the decision to launch our SLaaS (Strategic Leadership as a Service) practice at the request of our clients. From the feedback we were receiving in the marketplace, it was apparent that Enterprise clients need flexible options besides traditional long-term consulting engagement. They need to leverage experienced individuals/teams in a pay as you go consumption model to deliver not only strategy, but execute on the technology transformation projects that are happening at every company right now. That is a natural extension and evolution of the Opex core value we deliver and are very excited to help our clients fill this need!”

– Courtney Humphrey, CEO, Opex Technologies  

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