Technology is what drives your business forward. Without the proper technological infrastructure, it is more challenging to provide the quality products and services that your clients have come to expect from you.

Unfortunately, technology also has a cost. Not only is there a monetary cost involved with upgrading your company’s hardware, it also takes time to ensure that you make the right purchase, install the hardware properly, and keep maintenance contracts up to date for years to come. Worse, today’s current pace of technology development means that companies often have to go through this process once every three or four years.

For companies that want to minimize the resources involved with recurring hardware upgrades, IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solutions should be considered. IaaS allows a business to move their infrastructure to a managed hosting model, which offers a number of benefits.

IaaS Solutions and Cost Savings

IT resources are finite: it is important that your organization spends its technology budget wisely to maximize performance. The big advantage of IaaS solutions when it comes to cost savings is that they allow you to maintain only a single fixed cost for your company’s technology infrastructure. You will no longer have the responsibility of researching about new hardware for your infrastructure, paying for repairs, or buying more hardware when your company’s needs increase.

IaaS solutions provide an alternative that makes more financial sense for many organizations. With IaaS, you usually pay a monthly cost that covers the price of all the solutions that you need at that moment. Your IaaS provider is the one that is responsible for making sure that all hardware is managed properly and repaired as necessary. Additionally, because these tasks will no longer be the responsibility of your in-house team when you adopt an IaaS solution, your IT team can shift to more important drivers like application development, data management or data analytics.

The numbers back up the cost savings of IaaS: StateTech magazine reported that more than eight out of every ten CIOs who moved applications to the cloud were able to cut costs.

IaaS Solutions Are Scalable

Companies in many industries face the difficult situation of having to work on projects that require varying amounts of resources. If you aren’t sure how much time or energy it will require for you to work on a specific project, you run the risk of either having an excessive amount of hardware that isn’t being used, or not having the capacity to handle the tasks that you need to complete.

IaaS helps correct this situation. With an IaaS solution, you will be able to pay only for what you need, meaning there is no need to worry that you are wasting capital on technological resources that are not being put to work. If you take on a project that requires more resources than originally anticipated, most IaaS providers will allow you to change your plan so that you can get access to the type of infrastructure that you need.

IaaS Solutions From the Experts

Even if you already understand the benefit of IaaS, with the wide range of different options that currently exist for enterprise needs it can be a challenge to decide which one is right. Experienced, professional infrastructure consultants will work to ensure that transitioning your infrastructure to the cloud goes smoothly. These specialists will help assess your needs and give you more information about how best to get your company’s infrastructure set up in a way that provides flexibility and cuts down on the time and capital you need to devote to your IT management.

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