I often get asked what I do for a living. Friends, family, neighbors, parents of my daughter’s softball team I help coach, business associates, etc. know I work in technology but aren’t exactly sure what I do.  So, they ask, “What do you do in technology?”  I excitedly answer, “I am a technology broker and advisor.”  That is when I usually see the confused look.  They say, “What exactly is a technology broker / advisor?  I didn’t know that even existed!”   That is when I put the home buying process analogy into effect!

I start by asking “when you recently purchased a home did you do it on your own?  Meaning did you go online, spend hours and maybe even days searching all the different cities here in the Triangle, then the many great neighborhoods?  Are you looking at a new construction home? If so did you go research and talk personally to all the builders in the area and view the many different floor plans they offer? Or if you are looking for a resale home did you search by style, number of bedrooms / bathrooms, square footage and price ranges? If you did, I bet you still had hundreds of options appear. Will you go look at them all?”  Now you can do this all on your own but most people save time and resources by working with a professional Realtor who does this for a living.  They know the area.  They know the neighborhoods and the builders. They have the market knowledge, research tools and software (MLS) to narrow down the search and focus in on the right houses that fit your exact location, search criteria and budget.  They are unbiased, look out for your family’s best interests, know the local market conditions and the right price per square foot comps for that specific street so you get the best deal available in the market.  The Realtor is by your side every step of the way to make sure you have a positive home buying experience. They save you time, money, resources and headaches vs. trying to do it on your own.

Working with a Technology Broker / Advisor and a trusted firm like Opex when looking for new technology solutions and providers is like working with a Realtor during your journey to find your next home.  Your home is important. And so is technology with your business!

Let’s take the rapid adoption of SD-WAN technology as a current example. There are many great SD-WAN providers and technologies in the market, but if you go to them directly (if you can even find the right ones or all of them available) they are going to sell you on their specific technology because that’s what they are trained and incented to sell.  If you go to Opex, we are going to first decide if SD-WAN is even the right fit for your business.  And if it is, we are going to work with you on which solution makes the most sense.  What is your search criteria, goals and budgets?  Opex has access to all the providers – Aryaka, Talari, CloudGenix, VeloCloud, IWAN, Meraki, Masergy, and many others, and there really are situations where one is better than the other.  Opex will narrow it down to the technology and providers that make sense for you, have them put together proposals and presentations specific to solving your business challenges, needs and budget.  Just like a Realtor, Opex will use their market knowledge, research tools, software (Opex BattleApp), relationships and experience to make sure you are procuring the best solution, from the best provider, at costs, terms & conditions that make sense for you and your business.

Finally, after you decide which “house” is perfect for your family, or “technology” for your business, the Opex value doesn’t stop there.  The Opex team will help you not only manage your “move” (assign a Project Manager to help with the Implementation of your solution) but after you “move”, Opex will stick around and make sure you are getting superior support (Support Manager will help escalate trouble tickets, service requests & billing issues) the entire time you are in your “home”!

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you and your family will ever make which is why you lean on a trusted Realtor to guide you through the journey.  Purchasing technology for you and your business is also a very important decision.  Don’t go it at it alone.  Let Opex give you and your business a clear advantage on your technology journey.

Now you know what a Technology Broker / Advisor can do to help.  And a firm who does it!  Contact Opex Technologies if we can offer your business an advantage in finding your next home…I mean technology!