Opex Technologies is a proud partner of a local provider, Microspace Communication. The Microspace Network is one of the world’s largest satellite based networks that exclusively serves enterprise applications. The below case study highlights an example of how Micropsace’s solution, CellCast 4G-LTE, simplified and solved connectivity issues in the health care industry. 

The medical industry is in the midst of a transformation. The switch from on-site, medical record keeping and payment processing to advanced, cloud-based electronic health recording and processing. For the transition to succeed, the practice or office
must first confirm that the appropriate internet connectivity exists to support a fully, cloud-based business.

Too many practices go down the road of evaluating different cloud-based solutions to only realize—after the fact—that they don’t have the network availability, bandwidth, or reliability to take advantage of their new solution.While cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) promises efficiency in operations, it can only fulfill that promise if the connection to it is good.


In the world of cloud-based information, every minute of downtime, every instance of bandwidth bottlenecking, and every occurrence of network congestion has a cost. Business processes slow or stop, transactions are delayed, and patients are affected.



Recently an optometrist with 4 locations in Minnesota decided to transition to a leading cloud-based EHR solutions. After signing up for the service the doctor realized that none of his locations had reliable wired internet connectivity.

Thankfully, the EHR company had encountered this situation before and recommended CellCast 4G-LTE. Installation was complete in less than a week at the first location. After transitioning and testing, the other three locations soon followed.

The Result

• No more frozen screens and error messages from the cloud.
• Staff members con dently accessing all necessary health records. • An all-around win.




In the past, solving connectivity issues could be a complex matter of determining providers, technologies, capabilities, and costs for any given practice. Today, CellCast 4G-LTE simplifies the process, is available across North America, and quickly provides a fully managed connection for your cloud-based information and applications. In situations where a solid connection already exists, CellCast provides automated failover and failback—in essence turning an unmanaged network into a fully managed solution. Transform unreliable cable or DSL into a highly reliable connection with CellCast’s management and automated failover.


For offices with no wired internet options, CellCast can deliver primary high quality 4G-LTE internet availability, and do so quickly and cost-effectively.





In 1988, Microspace Communication developed a technology utilizing economical and highly reliable satellite broadcasting to deliver critical data and audio content for its clients. As organizations needs for connectivity increased, Microspace expanded it’s service offerings to include a variety of options to satisfy its clients video, data and audio delivery needs.

Microspace now offers wireless, satellite and internet solutions for dozens of unique applications and the list of services and markets served continues to grow. The Microspace Network has also continued to grow with respect to the number of sites served. On any given day, Microspace delivers content to the well over a quarter of a million locations around the globe.

The Microspace Network is one of the world’s largest satellite based networks that exclusively serves enterprise applications. Fortune 500 companies as well as much smaller organizations have successfully used Microspace over the past 30 years. That experience and commitment to quality has become a trademark of the company.