PFS Group Case Study

Company Background

Based in Houston, Texas, PFS is a national patient account management firm. With 5 satellite offices, PFS works with over 100 client partners across 23 states. As one of the fastest growing firms in the industry, clients rely on PFS Group’s services to support their accounts receivable departments. Also, PFS Group understands that the relationships they have with hospitals and patients are the key to building trust and a successful company. This makes providing excellent customer service with a personal touch, while also increasing a hospital’s ROI, key to PFS Group’s emerging success.

The Challenge

PFS Group’s challenge was managing multiple telecom carriers and RFPs. With no carrier consistency, PFS Group constantly had different prices and procedures to go through for each new project. They had a slow response time for urgent requirements, which diminished the reliability and value of PFS Group’s customer service. Also, they continually received biased information from a revolving door of Carrier Sales Reps, making finding a real solution to improve their business a constant struggle.

Opex Technologies’ Solution

PFS Group finally found the solution they needed when they brought on Opex Technologies. Serving as a single IT source for PFS Group, Opex provided rapid pricing and information on WAN, Internet circuits and voice services for new projects. Opex ensured PFS Group the best rates available without concern. On top of providing the best ROI, Opex also managed PFS Group’s contracts and negotiated discounts for renewal, providing significant savings. Additionally, Opex Technologies helped escalate trouble tickets when service issues arose, reducing downtime and frustration with the Carrier.


With Opex Technologies on their team, PFS Group was able to reduce telecom expenses and continuously saw ongoing savings. They were also able to simplify management of services and contracts, making the RFP process easier and less complex. This helped reduce administrative duties, helping the team at PFS Group focus on their services. Ultimately, all these improvements allowed PFS Group to become an established, trustworthy resource for their clients and helped them to grow the company.

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