Last month the Opex Technologies Executive Team had the privilege of attending Avant’s 2019 Special Forces Summit, a conference dedicated to sales strategies, tactics, and tools that aim to help partners become true trusted technology advisors. The event provided a lot of value with great content, speakers, learning opportunities, and networking a 10 year anniversary party that was one for the ages! 

Not only did the team have a great time, but Opex was also named Top Sales Performance by a Trusted Advisor. We are very honored and grateful to have been recognized by Avant as one of the top three trusted advisors in the country.

 Below are some of our favorite highlights from this incredible event!

  •  An American Hero – The biggest and best highlight of the event was hearing from and then meeting Robert O’Neill. Robert was a former Navy Seal who was part of the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. Beyond some great story telling it offered some great perspective on leadership, dealing with what are perceived bad days (there are not bad days by the way – just bad moments that are just that!), not quitting and staying focused on the task and mission at hand. Robert is a true American hero that inspired all in attendance to work harder and stay focused on growing our businesses to the 10X level.  Robert was kind enough to talk to us in private and sign an Opex Farms hat for the team. Robert, we hope you will the join the Opex team at Opex Farms in the future and show off your sharp shooting skills. You are welcome anytime!

Opex CEO & COO with Keynote Speaker Robert O’Neill

Signed hat and book by Robert O’Neill

  • Great Speakers – From CEO’s to top technologists, investment bankers to the Avant founders, all of the speakers offered great insight on the disruption and opportunity we have today to help our clients drive their businesses to new heights through technology. Having the opportunity to hear and learn from industry leaders always inspires us to bring more value to our clients.
  • Education and Breakout Sessions – The Opex team got the chance to dive, conquer, and join some of the many breakout sessions that Avant and industry leading providers hosted around the event. Some of our favorites were the executive sessions benchmarking with other top trusted advisors from around the country, learning about the hot new trends in SD-WAN, UCaaS and CCaaS, and the rise of managed security providers which is a hot topic for our Opex clients that we are actively researching so we can help our clients stay ahead of the ever changing cyber security landscape.

Avant Special Forces Summit 2019 speakers

The Opex executive team at Avant’s 10th Anniversary Gala

Avant’s 10th Anniversary Gala

Opex named “Top Sales Performance by a Trusted Advisor”

We want to thank and congratulate the entire Avant team.   Their passion is contagious and their culture is inspiring. We look forward to growing our partnership so we can continue to bring value to our great clients who trust us to help them research, buy and implement the best technology solutions in the market. 10X here we come!