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Skype for Business / Lync Online, is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products. It is essentially a Skype-like program for businesses that includes instant messaging (IM), audio and video conversations and Skype for Business / Lync meetings. More and more companies are choosing to go to the cloud with Office 365, and are finding it is a useful addition to their corporate cultures. Many of these companies are also choosing to add hybrid audio to greatly enhance the Skype experience in a variety of ways. 

 1. High Quality Audio for Large Conference Meetings

Adding hybrid audio to your Skype for Business / Lync, through enabled bridges, can greatly enhance your experience with large online meetings. With many people in a lot of different locations speaking at once, it can be challenging to get good audio quality so that everyone can be heard clearly. It will also allow the audio you need to come through without taxing your server’s bandwidth, making the audio experience smooth and with an uninterrupted flow.

A high-quality hybrid audio program will provide tSouhe sound clarity you need to conduct effective large online meetings with clients, collaborators, and colleagues from around the world. This feature is so useful that a survey among IT executives, by Forrester Research, revealed that hybrid audio is one of the top three requested add-on features for Lync.

2. Full Audio Conference Controls

Another benefit of hybrid audio for Skype for Business is the full audio conference controls it gives you. The person conducting the conference has the full ability to mute, unmute, raise the volume up or down, and even lock or eject the meeting. This can be done for one person, select participants, or for the entire meeting. This provides a much more customized audio experience during the meeting, so everyone participating gets the exact audio they need to fully understand, participate in, and benefit from the meeting.

3. Support for Meetings with Up to 300 Audio Participants at Once

With hybrid audio for Skype for Business, you can have online audio conferences with up to 300 participants at one time, and they will each get the high quality audio experience you need them to have and that they deserve. Since most online audio meetings involve far fewer numbers than these, you can always be sure your meetings will have the best audio quality available for every single participant. With a capacity for up to 300 participants at once, Skype for Business could even be used to teach large online classes in real time with the proper hybrid audio program added to it.

4. Support in a Variety of Countries and Languages

Many multinational corporations have meetings with international clients using their Skype for Business program. If there is a problem with the audio quality, support might not be available in the language the organizers of the meeting speak. However, with hybrid audio added onto Skype for Business, there is support available 24/7 in over 100 access points around the world, in an ample number of different languages. This means that anyone who needs support can get it in a language they understand, whenever they need it. No one is ever left in the lurch with a hybrid audio add-on for Skype for Business. This ensures a perfect audio conferencing experience for every user, every time.

5. Training is Available at No Extra Cost

Anyone who uses Skype for Business may occasionally need assistance with using it correctly for their intended purpose. Using a hybrid audio program not only ensures a superior audio experience, it also ensures training for anyone who needs it. Different people in a company may be asked to set up and conduct an audio meeting at various times, and many of them will not have used the program previously. A hybrid audio program typically comes with free training whenever it’s needed, so whoever is in charge of the next conference can do it successfully.

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