While efforts across the Carolinas begin to help with clean up and the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, we here at Opex Technologies send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected. As individual employees, we are all very lucky to have not been drastically affected by the storm and come out of it safe. However, as a company, we are sad to say that we had to cancel our Annual Redfish Fishing Tournament.

River Dunes, NC

After the storm hit, it left towns and roads flooded, power outages and structural damage across the coast. The destination of our fishing tournament, Oriental, NC outside of New Bern, was among one of the worst areas hit. We stayed in constant communication with our friends in Oriental that played a big part in helping us make this event happen. Fortunately, for River Dunes and their properties, they did not take too hard of hit when it came to damage, however they were left with power outages for several days and it was truly impossible with road closures to make our way out there.

We want to thank River Dunes, among others in Oriental for all of their hard work throughout this storm, in keeping us informed and trying as hard as they could to help us try to make this event happen. While they had so much more to worry about they made Opex a priority and it means so much to our company!


Our 4th Annual Fishing Tournament is our company’s marquee event. We take pride in having spent the last 6 months of planning a memorable getaway for our sponsors and attendees. This year was going to be bigger than ever! With a total of 75 people across two days of fishing, we were looking forward to the opportunity to bring people together to meet, network and have a great time.

2017 Redfish Fishing Tournament

While we know that people have bigger things to worry about than cancelled events as the cause of this storm, we just wanted to take this time to thank everyone that was involved in the planning of this event. We want to thank the attendees who were willing to take a few days out of the office to spend time with Opex, those on the Opex team that spent time trying to make this event better than in years before and of course our sponsors.

Gift items for 2018 attendees

Mimecast, Masergy, Rackspace, Profit Advisory Group and Evovle IP, without you guys, we would not have been able to plan such an awesome event for the fourth year in a row! We truly appreciate your generous donations and gifts to our attendees and have enjoyed working with you all throughout the planning process.

While we hated to cancel this year’s event, we have already started to look ahead. We can’t wait for was year five has in store for this iconic event!