Opex Technologies stands firmly behind the saying of “quality over quantity”. With only fifteen employees, Opex has been a successful business for 14 years, helping over 800 clients through research of over 10,000 solutions and a database of over 300 leading global technology providers. Our experienced and dedicated team is our customers best asset and each member works hard every day to make sure of that.

This past July, CEO Courtney Humphrey decided to reward his loyal and hardworking team to a special Employee Retreat. The office shut down (well sort of) for three days while twelve employees packed their bags and headed to the beautiful coast of North Carolina.

The team spent a relaxing couple of days at River Dunes, a waterfront community in Oriental, NC. Some employees kicked back and relaxed at the pool, while others spent a full day on the water fishing for Red Drum. Each evening, everyone gathered for food, drinks and shared stories of the days adventures, while getting to know one another on a more personal level.

As the team returned from the retreat and reflected on all of the valued time spent together, we couldn’t help but realize how much of a “family” this company had become. Some of our team members shared with us how Opex has made an impact on not only their career but on their life.

Our Founder, Courtney Humphrey embodies Family and Friendship. You can see it when you walk through the door and throughout each interaction he has with his Opex Family, Providers, and Masters.

I will never forget my first day at Opex when he stopped by and personally introduced himself and each day after would come by and say “Hello” and ask if I needed anything.   He is kind, generous, and embodies “Treating others like you wish to be treated.”  I was so taken back that the “owner” of the company would talk to his Employees like they were valuable.   The Team he has employed embodies the same philosophy and it truly feels like a “Family atmosphere.”

To continue his Generosity, Friendship and Appreciation for his Team, taking us all to River Dunes is what a “Family” does together.  I am forever grateful to be part of Opex and I believe Courtney is a smart business man and has the “Secret to Success.”  He has surrounded himself around great people that are loyal to him and will work even harder for him because of how “Generous” he is to his Team.   We are very “Blessed” to be part of this Team!

-Tracy Potvin, Client Relations Manager

It is really exciting for me to be a part of Opex Technologies! The team members consistently demonstrate the value of successfully integrating their extensive technology experience to help customers with a balance of having fun! It is easy to see why customers love doing business with Opex!

-Ronnie Harrell, Managing Partner

Over the last 4 years, we have added a number of strategic folks who not only bring a wealth of knowledge and their personal expertise to the table but have also become mentors, exchanging ideas, experiences and know-how to the rest of the team members.  It’s been a whirlwind of positive changes that continues to grow day by day!

Here at Opex, we have grown to become a fun and family-oriented workplace where everyone cares about one another.  With Courtney’s incredible visionary expertise and the Team’s ability and appetite to execute, ‘the sky’s the limit.

-Junie Murphy, Sr. Client Relations Manager

My 10-year anniversary at Opex Technologies has just elapsed and some aspects of the company have changed but one has remained consistent, the culture.  Our office carried a sense of family where we would always look out for each other inside business and in our personal lives.  That feeling is the same today, just with a larger family.

-Chris Mospan, Managing Partner

Culture is not something you can just make up or buy. It is something you have to truly invest in, work at, believe in and it starts with great people! The Opex team is made of great people and together those people have helped create the foundation for a great culture and a family atmosphere that I have never experienced in my professional life. The Opex team is made up of experienced technology industry veterans who care about our clients and ensuring they receive the best solutions and support in the industry. I have always told people that I have been lucky enough to not have to show up to “work” the past 4 years. When you love what you do and the team you work with it is far from just work!  Opex is a special place with special people and I am thankful to be on the team.

-Rich Nowalk, COO

What has attracted me to Opex is the track record of success and the people.  It all started with Courtney and his vision and what he has built.  The team we have put in place continues to execute and keep that vision moving forward as we produce phenomenal growth year over year.  I am proud to be a part of Opex and I look forward to continued success for years to come.

-Mike Brown, Client Development Manager


The Opex team recently enjoyed a 3 day retreat away from the office.  The time away allowed our team to step away from the office and strengthen the personal relationship’s among team members.  For me it allowed me to see what a truly unique organization we have grown into over the last 14 years.  Our team is comprised of exceptional individuals who as a group make a world class all star team, focused on execution to enhance our clients.  The expertise and dedication of our team is remarkable.  It is humbling to be a part of such a wonderful team of quality individuals that I am fortunate enough to call friends.

-CEO and Founder, Courtney Humphrey